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Type: Humanoid

Tag: Humanoid, vampire, vampira-suun


These creatures form a particular family within the larger vampire race. They are not dead; but, a different kind of living creature. They have much in common with humans; however, they survive solely on the blood of living creatures. In fact, they need to ingest fresh blood every day to subsist. Interestingly, just like most humanoids, the Vampira-Suun’s activities occur during the day. They always carry four to five humans with them at all times in order to feed on them continuously. Because of the copious amounts of blood they drink, they regenerate very fast when injured; although, they can die of blood starvation very quickly when wounded repeatedly in the same day. Otherwise, the only other way to kill a Vamp is by poisoning them with Flirra Flowers or Gusta leaves, by chopping their head off or by puncturing their heart. And, while they can live up to a thousand years, they rarely survive because they are hated by other humanoids.

Vamps of the sun are very noble creatures because they value everything they do and/or build. For example, they have their homes built on the highest Kikanits Mountains and craft their houses out of the finest Crispate rocks.


Not many Vampira clans exist and you can distinguish one from the other by the length of their hair. Between clans, proper hair length remains a controversial subject. Some believe that short hair makes you weak but others think that long hair is not practical in combat.


Their favorite food is humans and, sometimes, they will settle for elves. They prefer the sugary blood of humans over the salty and bitter taste of waif elves. They will rarely eat with other races; but, if they do, they will drink the blood from the bellies of fat Kouity flies with the aid of a sharp knife.

Occupation and Lifestyle:

If they are not in battle, they are crafting the finest goods in the region. The Vamps are fine artists with blades and/or tools. They like to dance slowly, completing the Kups’ steps with their mates. Indeed, they like to sing very peaceful songs. It has been suggested that they are attracted to these calming melodies and rhythms because of their supposed demon ancestry, ultimately, soothing their suffering and rage.

Clothing and Style:

They wear the best quality Ishika clothing available, shaved from the bodies of Lops – noble clothes that enable them to make quite a statement wherever they go. There’s a saying in the ancient Tong: Isk Vampira-Suun ki ropa cas rkui nad go las ko (If you wear shitty clothes, only the dead will appreciate you).


The Sun Vamps have adopted the two-sided blade in combat because they believe it to be the most balanced. With this blade, they are able to defend themselves in face-to-face combat; however, they are also able to use it against foes that attack from behind.

Suggestions and Tips:

Playing a Vampira-Suun is very interesting. For starters, depending on their weight, they must feed on fresh blood five to seven times a day. And, even if they taste horrible, they can drink Krusha potions instead of blood.  

Name Suggestions:








Basic Language:

Vapo = Dirty vamp

Gular ipo da = Your mother is a human

Goulap goulap! = I’ll drink to that!

Vovo, vo = Blood

Kitomo = My honor belongs to you

Kourtish = Taste my blade

Ohara mi = Long live the King

Mo ma mil taro = I love you and only you

Gko! = Forever!


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Potions (liquids, oils)


Item Name Image Components
Short Description Price

Bachiza potion

(physical healing potion)

N/A yet Bachiza leaves

-Heals external wounds (example: sword damage)

1.7 gp

Chiline potion

(energy potion)

N/A yet

Chiline leaves
-Heals internal wounds (example: lightning damage)
1.2 gp

Veldor potion

(short term stamina potion)

N/A yet

Veldor roots
-Gives back full stamina (example: The need of recovering from a battle and to jump to the next one)
5 sp

Noxma poison

(potion of poison)

Medieval Bottle Crista

Noxma leaves

-Kill any living creature with a standard constitution

-Approx; in 6 rounds or 30 sec.

1.5 gp


Item name Image Components
Short Description Price

Roffgore oil

(Mana potion for weapons)

N/A yet Oil of mana

-Increases the damage of a weapon or the protection of an armor

5 gp / flask

Drake oil

(Fire grenade)

N/A yet

Drake oil -When the oil gets in contact with air it creates an explosion
8 pa / flask
Drikine oil

N/A yet

Drikine oil
-Oil may be used for oil lamps or any kind of lighting device
5 jp / Barrel (medium)
Oil of Beliane

N/A yet

Beliane roots
-Oil increases the strength and quality of clothing materials
1 gp / flask
Oil of Kiluta

N/A yet

Kiluta frog oil and Drikine oil

-The oil manifest the illusions by connecting to your brain communication signals

-Medium illusion

-May be detected by very intelligent creatures

1 gp / flask


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